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Finalist: A Simpler To-do App

Finalist is built for people who liked keeping all their tasks in Apple Notes but wanted it just a bit more structured.

August 15, 2023

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Finalist is a new iPhone and iPad task manager that combines elements of note-taking apps, Kanban boards, and calendar apps in a unique and interesting way. The result is a lightweight app that’s simple and quick to use but unlikely to replace a fully-featured task manager for most users. Finalist is organized into three primary tabs: ‘Today,’ ‘Monthly,’ and ‘Lists.’ From the Today tab, you can add tasks simply by tapping on the screen and starting to type. It’s a lot like creating a checklist in Apple Notes.

I wrote about all the ways people build their own task managers ranging from a single entry in Apple Notes to over-complicated setups in Personal Knowledge Managements tools Roam Research and Obsidian.

I don’t think Finalist is for me, but I’m sure it could work for so many people out there. Simpler solutions are often the best but it’s still useful to keep some kind of structure and treat tasks as objects, not just rows of text.

The app is free and available on all Apple’s platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS (as it seems).


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