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How Would Anti-Instagram Look Like?

Reading all those discussions about the updates to Instagram and how people are turning disillusioned with the app, I began thinking: what would an ideal anti-Instagram service look like? Let’s look at the most common complaints and try to find an alternative. Some of them are specific to the way Instagram works right now, some are true about any social network.

Read More August 2, 2022

Why Apple Has to Allow Sideloading

I think the lack of sideloading has been a tremendous advantage for iOS and Appleā€™s ecosystem overall. I also think Apple should open it up.

Read More February 8, 2021

Browsers Are Outdated And Somebody Has To Do Something

Our browsers are astoundingly outdated and their developers seem to be oblivious to that. We went from basic HTML pages sprinkled with a little bit of Javascript to running full-scale applications like Figma or Descript yet browsers have practically the same UI as they had ten years ago.

Read More December 13, 2020

A Controversial Opinion: Online Ads Are Good

One of my most controversial opinions is that online ads are actually great for the society and the public narrative shifting to paid subscription software, services and content might prevent a lot of people from accessing them in the first place.

Read More December 8, 2020

Google and the Paradigm Shift

The product that will dethrone Google Search won’t be a search engine. Instead of links it will provide you with answers.

Read More July 19, 2020

The Evolution of Outliners

Outliners are a very curious category of software products that have been mostly used by a small number of geeks but recently captured more attention with the launch of Roam Research.

Read More July 11, 2020

Superhuman and Premium Software

Superhuman with its premium pricing of $30 per month expand the Overton windows for apps pricing and has already enabled higher (and more sustainable prices) for fresh apps.

Read More May 18, 2020