Yury Molodtsov

COO and Partner @ MA Family where we run communications for tech startups and VC firms.

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Hey! I’m the COO at MA Family, a team of communication experts that includes award-winning journalists and specialists with a deep and nuanced understanding of tech and venture capital. We help companies achieve their business goals through communications and public relations.

Before that I was an Investor at Day One Ventures, a venture capital firm that supports of its portfolio companies with PR. We invested in Superhuman, Truebill, Atoms, DoNotPay, and AnyRoad.

I have a degree in applied physics and math. Throughout my life I tried all kinds of trades, from software development and design to event management to venture capital. Now I’m helping people from various roles communicate with each other and tell the world about what they’re working on.

My personal interests include physics, space exploration, history, linguistics, and photography. I’m also a co-owner of a fabulous golden retriever.

You can follow me on Twitter or reach me via email.